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Hello for this application its great


FIX IT!!!!!!

Still doesnt work in iOS 10! FIX IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! please


Glitchy, doesnt work, too slow, app always shuts down.

1 star rating :(

I would give a solid 5 star , but this doesnt work for iOS 10. Please fix as soon as possible.

iOS 10

It dosent work with iOS 10 plz update it

Update is needed

Loved it while it worked in iOS 9 now, not so much

Not working

doesnt work with IOS10 and keeps crashing

Needs some fixes!

Used to work before upgrading to ios 10. Now, cannot be even downloaded.

Um no

Doesnt work take the L vpn

Read this

It use to work

please fix

still isnt compatible with ios 10 please fix

Keeps Crashing All The Time

Every time I open it, it always closes, not even once will it open. B.S.


Doesnt work for iOS 10. Like from c it I need for school. This used to be the best app. Fix please


Still needs to be fixed. Doesnt work very well


Can someone tell me how to make Kraft dinner Im confused???


Before the wifi at school would not work but now because of it I am able to answer snapchat now

Doesnt work with iOS 10

Please fix that it was working well before


Its good it just crashes a lot. I dont think it works for iOS 10 though


It takes forever to connect I definitely do not recommend this app to anyone

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